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Our specialties are break open rifles with Nimrod nose lock and Nimrod side locks. Furthermore, we also build falling block rifles with sidelever as well as falling block "Heeren type". On customer request we also manufacture bolt action rifles using original Mauser systems as well as customized in-house manufactured systems. All our guns have precision barrels made of high quality special steels and are cut rifled in-house on a CNC cut rifling machine.

Our Three barrel drilling and Double rifles can be ordered according to individual customer requirements. In general, they have three side locks in Nimrod style, as well as a Nimrod nose lock.

Our company offers you the following falling blocks:  

Falling block according to the „Heeren type“

Falling block modified Hagn system with sidelever lock

Our range of services:

In addition to the production of hunting weapons according to customer requirements, we also offer the following services:

Cut rifled barrels


Colour case hardening

Laser welding

Restorations and revisions of high-quality weapons

Scope mounts

Gun stock making




Pistolengriffkäppchen mit unsichtbarem Scharnierstift aus eigener Fertigung.
Trapdoor pistol grip cap with invisible pin from our own manufacture.


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